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Our know-how is what makes us special.

Our know-how is what makes us special.

We have an eclectic mix of consultants, statisticians, mathematicians, financiers, businesspeople, cyberneticians and IT experts.

Our Core Team.

We come from many national backgrounds and speak many languages, and have completed projects for clients in 60 countries in 6 continents. Our London staff has consulting experience of over 100 person-years (though we always say that each consultant has over 25,000 years of business experience, at their fingertips).

In addition, we call upon selected colleagues and associates in St. Gallen, Gothenburg, Milan, Madrid, Beijing, Hanoi, Toronto and Stamford. Most of all, we are good at listening and customising for our customers. Try us and see.

What we do.

One unique resource is the well-known PIMS® (Profit Impact of Market Strategy®) programme, which has helped thousands of companies with portfolio resource allocation and marketing and investment decisions.

  • Help organisations tackle challenges and capture opportunities
  • Base strategies on evidence not wishful thinking.
  • Transform the value offered to customers, make operations both lean and resilient with appropriate innovation.
  • Blend digital and human capabilities.

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