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Predictive analytics and change.

PIMS.ai – data-driven and evidence-based strategies, because evidence-based thinking beats wishful thinking.

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World-leading empirical research on strategic management. Comprehensive data on tens of thousands of years of business experience.

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The PIMS® Customer Value Analysis (CVA®) is a solution for measuring and managing the value perception of available offerings in the market.

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Since 1993, the PIMS benchmarking programme has enabled over 250 LOBPs and GMPs worldwide to understand their true competitive position, pinpoint areas of improvement in their manufacturing supply chain and be a top-quartile blending plant.

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40 years of holistic management solutions based on cybernetics and systems theory combined with our AI-powered Management Buddy.

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So far you have only worked together. You have not yet collaborated. How organizations function twice as well with half the money.

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Predictive Analytics and evidenced-based management

Relying on concrete evidence rather than wishful thinking, we empower our clients to achieve remarkable, enduring, and substantial enhancements in their performance. We stand by their side as they navigate the journey of transforming their businesses from the red to the green curve.

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Enhance your business performance with strategic benchmarking, customer value management, operational excellence, and transformation & change. Contact us today to explore the possibilities!

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